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Served Monday to Saturday from 12.00-14.00.

Torekov Hotel serves lunch daily in the Bistro, where you can choose between two hot dishes. We also offer a large salad table with herring and eggs, and beautiful freshly baked bread. After dinner, you can enjoy cheese, fruit and coffee. We always create our menu according to the best seasonal fare, and we select our ingredients with great care, preferably from local producers.

Price: SEK 155/person.

Subject to change.

À la carte

This menu is not yet translated into English. See the menu in Swedish

Spa Supper

This menu is not yet translated into English. See the menu in Swedish

Conference dinner

This menu is not yet translated into English. See the menu in Swedish

Grill Buffet

The last grill buffet of the summer has now been served! Hope to see you again next summer.


Enjoy an outdoor picnic in the sunshine, or repose under a tree when the sky is gray and the rain is pouring. Bring a picnic basket (and maybe someone you hold dear) to the sunset.

We have prepared two different picnic packages that we hope will be good for your trip. The food is prepared just before you go out, so that everything is fresh, crisp, and invigorating.

Fika Basket 115 SEK/person

Five varieties of homemade cakes and goodies plus your choice of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Ideal for a short walk — give your trek a hint of luxury.

Lunch Basket 225 SEK/person

Healthy salads with seasonal vegetables. Choose from a hearty salmon salad, a savory chicken salad, or a completely green vegetarian salad.
Water, a homemade powerbar, sliced ​​fruit, focaccia bread and brie cheese are included with every salad.

Fitness Basket 125 SEK/person

If you are here to focus on your exercise regimen, this fitness basket is the perfect fuel. Choose from three savory wraps:
Chicken, shrimp or vegetarian.
Water, a homemade powerbar, sliced fruit, and a smoothie are included with every fitness basket.

Your picnic will be tidily packed in a handy picnic backpack. You can also borrow a lovely blanket for your trip. Food always tastes the best when enjoyed outside!

Book your picnic basket in advance at +46 431 47 16 53 or via email. You can also order on-site at reception or at the Bistro.


Look forward to one of life’s absolute highlights here with us. We have the experience, the feeling for quality and the creativity to give you the perfectly planned wedding.

You can choose one of the beautiful churches on the Bjäre Peninsula, most of which have an interesting history. Some choose to get married under the sky at the remains of the St. Thomas Chapel in the middle of Torekov.

After the wedding, aperitifs await you in the Torekov Hotel’s beautiful party room. Or, if you prefer to have it outdoors, on our large wooden deck, where gorgeous sea views and an illuminated pool await. The menu can be arranged according to whatever theme and sentiment you desire.

The bride and groom can spend the night in the hotel’s finest suite, treated the next day to a delicious breakfast that is served together with family and friends in the Bistro.

For bookings and information please contact Josefine Lundgren at +46 431-47 16 00.


Our sommelier has carefully chosen wines from around the world. The right wine heightens the taste experience and we are happy to help you choose the most complementary one. We also have a number of organic and biodynamically-cultivated wines in our collection.

Here you can book your stay. Please contact us by email or phone if someone in your party has special dietary restrictions so that your meals can be a nice experience.

Here you can book your stay. Please contact us by e-mail or phone if someone in your party has special dietary or disability needs, so we can make necessary arrangements prior to your arrival.

We always recommend booking reservations in advance, to ensure your visit will be as good as possible. Please tell us if someone in your group has a special diet or allergies so we can ensure that we will make something they can enjoy.

Fill in your name, contact details and company, and we will contact you as soon as possible (usually the same day).