In and around Torekov Hotel there are many places where you can exercise in scenic grandeur! We have all sorts of magical and natural environments full of open spaces and beautiful views. Unwind with a warm up, pack in some cardio, meditate with some yoga, or fit in some strength and agility training. As a hotel guest you have full access to our well-equipped indoor and outdoor gyms. Plus on the weekend you can participate in our wonderful morning yoga. And if there’s one thing you definitely don’t want to miss, it’s the incredible running routes nearby. Soft footpaths tread along the sea and meadows for an invigorating jog.

The most energy wins

Exercise inside and out

All of our hotel guests have free access to our well-equipped indoor and outdoor gyms. Our indoor gym is located on the lower floor of the hotel directly next to the training hall.

Exercise! Fresh air and endorphins mix together for a feeling of life and energy! Feel the inspiration of the natural scenery and enjoy our well-equipped outdoor space. Everyone is welcome to use our outdoor facilities at no charge.

Every week, we offer free yoga and fitness sessions for hotel guests to participate in. See this week’s schedule below.

This week's workout schedule

Morning Yoga

Awaken your body with a yoga session. The classes are held in our beautiful yoga studio in the main building – past the reception and down the stairs. Read more about the yoga under the class descriptions.

Saturdays 08:30 am: MediYoga
Sundays 08:30 am: YinYoga

Free for all hotel guests.

Cardio and Strength Training

Join us for a varied session focusing on strength, mobility, and endurance. We train outdoors or indoors depending on the weather. All exercises are tailored to your individual ability and age. The session concludes with a pleasant and much-needed stretch. Instructor: Tammy Magro.

Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays at 5:00 om

Free for all hotel guests.

Class Descriptions

Medi Yoga
Medi Yoga is a holistic practice that calms the mind, increases body awareness, and balances the nervous and hormonal systems. Yoga contributes to improved mobility, flexibility, and strength. Instructor: Helene Lewenhaupt

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga is a physical yoga style with a slower pace, where we hold the poses a bit longer than in other more dynamic forms of yoga. We strive to create inner balance by softening and training the body. The session focuses on strength, stability, and balance. Instructor: Linn Yolima Sköld, certified yoga teacher 200 E-RYT through Yoga Alliance.

Yin Yoga
Gentle meditative yoga suitable for everyone. Slowly and smoothly, we stretch stiff muscles and connective tissues. Dress in soft, warm clothes that you feel comfortable in.

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