Our best trails

The silhouette of Hallandsåsen rises high above the landscape of Bjärehalvön, and can be seen from afar, with its 226 meters above sea level. Descending toward the west, it connects with the ever-changing coastal line with cliffs and gorges, open sea and long, beautiful sandy beaches. For the trail runner, this is a paradise of diversified and challenging terrain. Speed and distance are replaced by performance, and breaks become natural stops to enjoy the magnificent views.


Torekov as starting point

Here are our favorite trails, presented by Trailrunning Sweden. For maps, info and more local trails, see Trailrunning Sweden’s website.

Film: Hallandsåsen’s best trail running

Film: Hovs Hallar

Film: Torekov – Vejbystrand

Film: Hallands Väderö


Running in all its simplicity.

The charm of trail running lies in its simplicity. With a pair of running shoes and an empty agenda, you are ready for a day in the great outdoors. Focusing on nature, and where you put your feet in the wild terrain, you don’t need any music or podcasts to take your mind off the running. You set the pace yourself and your physical endurance is naturally boosted by your surroundings.

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