Whistleblower function

Why blow the whistle?

The GRAM Group always strives for an open and transparent workplace in which misconduct is uncovered and prevented. By providing a whistleblower function, together we can ensure that this is the case. We use an external whistleblower channel provided by Visslan, which protects your anonymity and maintains a high level of security. You can access the whistleblower channel here: GRAM Group/Visslan.

 This whistleblower function covers the following legal entities: GRAM Group AB, Restaurang & Hotel Skansen i Båstad AB, Torekov Hotell Resort AB, Hotel Riviera Strand AB and Huset Vid Stranden AB, hereafter referred to collectively as the “GRAM Group”.

Who can report irregularities?

Put simply, you are protected when reporting irregularities if you are or have been involved with the Gram Group in a work-related capacity. If you are in any doubt, please read our Whistleblower Policy.

What irregularities can you report?

We urge you to report suspected irregularities within the company if it is in the public interest to do so. If you are in any doubt, please read our Whistleblower Policy. While you do not need to provide any evidence to back up your suspicions, your report must be submitted in good faith.

How are reports processed?

Reports are processed in confidence. All personal data deemed to be irrelevant will be erased and the case will only remain on file for as long as necessary.

To guarantee impartiality, cases are initially handled by the law firm Advokatfirman Lindahl KB, after which they may be passed on to an internal contact person who will take over the case.

Do you have any other questions?

If you would like to know more about how we deal with whistleblower cases and process personal data, please refer to the following documents:

Whistleblower Policy 
Privacy Policy


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