In consultation with our spa therapists, you find the treatment that gives your skin renewed vigour and lustre.

Skin Specific Facial Treatment

A great, deep cleansing treatment that is adapted to your skin type.

You will get a thorough cleansing with steam and an exfoliating peeling. This is followed by a realxing face and shoulder massage. The treatment is finished with a fabulous facial mask, a serum and a nourishing day cream.

Elemis Brilliant Face

An advanced treatment that boosts and builds up your skin.

Elemis uses the finest natural ingredients combined with the most innovative science to create nourishing formulations.
Begins with cleansing, exfoliation, deep cleaning, face, shoulder and scalp massage followed by a rich rejuvinating facial mask. If desired, coloring of lashes and brows with eyebrow plucking. Finished with caring Products.

Elemis Resurfacing Precision Face

Effective enzymatic facial

This unique treatment begins with a shorter back and neck massage followed by a facial treatment that gives you results. We use enzymes that works active against uneven skin tone, blemishes, fine lines and fine scars. You get cleansing, peeling, deep cleaning, special mask, massage of face and hands, finishing of with final products.

1150 kr / 80 min

Skin Fresh

Clean and fresh!

Refreshing treatment for all skin types and occasions. Your skin is cleaned and peeled, then you get a lovely mask and facial massage. Finish with a nice nourishing face cream.


475kr / 25 min

Quick Fix

Maximum results in minimal time.

Cleansing, peeling and a special facial mask for immediate results.

Choose from treatments that provide energy, relaxation or antioxidants.

Body Scrub

Real sea salt exfoliation for the whole body

Recover the luster and become pleasantly soft with this wonerful body scrub. After a shower, the treatment ends with a nourishing body lotion that causes the skin to feel silkysmooth.



A lovely treatment from head to toe

Cleansing, peeling and a light massage on the face, hands and feet. Finishes with a lovely nutrient cream.

Elemis Exotic Salt Glow

An exotic exfoliationritual

Strengthens and revitalizes both body and mind. After a light body brushing, hot Frangipan oil is dropped over the entire body before applying the Salt Glow peel. While lying warm wrapped, the face is thoroughly cleansed. After the shower, the treatment ends with a soft application of Body Lotion and daycream.

795 kr / 50 min

Elemis Detox Body Wrap

Nourishing and detoxifying body wrap

This treatment starts with drybrushing of the entire body followed by nutritious hot oil. Then the body is packed into a cleansing and vitaminrich mask. Once you are well wrapped, your face will be cleansed, followed by a nice face and scalp massage. Finally, your body is lightly massaged with a lovely and nutritious body balm.
795 kr / 50 min


Fullbody scrubb & relaxing massage

An energizing treatment that begins with a powerful body peeling to start the circulation. After a hot shower, treatment continues with a shorter back and neck massage.

795 kr / 50 min

Torekov Hotel Luxury

Treat yourself to the total relaxation

The ultimate body treatment with lovely products. A refreshing drybrush followed by a mineral-rich body wrap. While you are well-wrapped, you get a facial with cleansing, peeling, mask and massage. After a hot shower, a wonderful relaxation massage awaits the whole body.
1150 kr / 80 min

Treat yourself with a pedicure an you will feel like a new person.

SPA Pedicure

A classic pedicure for healthy feet.

Begins with a warming footbath. Nails and cuticles are treated, callouses removed and feet filed. Ends with a great massage or varnish.


Pretty Feet

Treat your feet to a little extra care!

 Great spa treatment for tired, dry feet. Softening foot bath, exfoliation, wrap and a wonderful foot massage.


Massage softens your muscles and stimulates the production of beneficial hormones.

Raindrop Treatment

A healing, effective treatment that counteracts stress and aches, and helps balance body and soul.

We will use oils with a range of balancing properties that are gently massaged under the soles of your feet and using gentle strokes across your back and shoulders. The treatment ends with a steaming hot towel and peace and quiet.

Hawaiian Massage

“Lomi Lomi” – an interplay between hand, soul and heart.

A soft but intensive treatment that stimulates the immune system and circulation. Soft and gentle hands gradually massage the entire body with lovely, melting shea butter with a scent of chamomile and geranium. The massage is deeply relaxing and stress-relieving and the Hawaiian butter leave the skin soft and supple. A truly enriching and beneficial treatment!

Relax Massage

Wonderfully relaxing massage that enhances circulation and helps you wind down.

Classic Full Body Massage

Foot and Leg massage

Classic Back and Neck Massage

Elemis Rose Restore

Relaxing, calm massage

Elemis unique top-to-toe massage that gives new energy and awakens your senses! A sweeping and very relaxing massage technique takes the treatment to a new level. Nourishing, moisturizing and delightfully fragrant oil and balm with rose, camelina and poppies take the senses on a walk through a British garden.


795 kr / 50 min

Elemis Hot Mineral Body Boost

Relaxing, energizing massage

Elemis unique top-to-toe massage that gives new energy and brings your senses to life! A sweeping and very relaxing massage technique takes the treatment to a new level. This treatment stimulates each cell in the body and helps relieve muscle pain and detoxify the skin thanks to lovely fragrant oil and balm with algae and amber. A mineral charge that gives your mind peace and your body new energy!

795 kr / 50 min

It’s the details that give you a feeling of attractiveness and wellbeing.

Lash and brow colouring, incl. brow shaping

Shaping of brows

Wax, full leg and bikini

Wax, half leg or bikini or armpit

Wax, upper lip and chin

Wax, upper lip and chin

Wax, back only

Make Up

We do your make up according to your wishes in a way that brings out your personality. Your therapist will also provide useful tips and advice. Come with a bare face!

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Here you can book your stay. Please contact us by email or phone if someone in your party has special dietary restrictions so that your meals can be a nice experience.

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