From Torekov, many of Bjäre Peninsula’s sights and excursions are just around the corner. The countryside is rich in history, culture and natural scenery. Here are some of our favourites.

Excursion Tips

Hallands Weather Island (Hallands Väderö)

Take a refreshing boat trip with Väderötrafiken from Torekov harbor to beautiful Hallands Väderö. On this island awaits amazing nature experiences, a wealth of species diversity, and beautiful beaches. Hike on your own or follow the signposted trails.

More information from Väderotrafiken can be found here.


Did you know...

that Hallands Väderö has an unusually mild climate, with less rain and more sunshine hours than the mainland.

Dagshög — As if out of a storybook

Dagshög is Skåne’s largest burial mound — five meters high and a full 42 meters in diameter, it is truly a sight to behold. Located along the Skåneleden trail, the burial site is just a few kilometres from the Torekov Hotel. Its location is no coincidence, however — it can be seen from quite a distance from both land and sea and has served as a navigational guide for seamen for ages.

The fantasy-like Dagshög has kept its mystery and secrets since the Bronze Age.

According to legend, King Dag and his men fought their last battle against an overwhelming army, led by a power-hungry Svea King. After the battle, a cairn was built where King Dag and his men were laid to rest — hence the name Dagshög. According to other stories, there was no King Dag at all, but instead it is women who are buried beneath the mound, as women played a prominent role in Bronze Age society. But since Dagshög has never been excavated, no one knows for certain. Just next to the burial mound you will find a quarry ruin which today stands as a memorial to the quarry that was in operation in the early 1900s. Below the ruins there lies a secret and shimmering pond that glows with red water lilies in the spark of summer.

See a film about Dagshög, where our own ”outdoor lover” Tammy tells us why it is one of her favourite places.

Find it here: Simply follow the orange markers on the Skåneleden trail via the path just below the Torekov Hotel. It is also possible to drive or bike to Dagshög. Distance between Torekov Hotell and Dagshög: 2 km.

Hovs Hallar

A dramatic coastline with stunning views and exciting red cliffs. The scenery here is beautiful all year. Take a stroll or just sit down and enjoy the view. You might even see a seal or two. One of the most famous scenes in cinema history was recorded right here: the chess scene between the knight and Death, in Ingmar Bergman’s ”The Seventh Seal”.

Norrvikens Gardens (Norrvikens Trädgårdar)

Norrviken is famous for its unique orchards, designed by Rudolf Abelin. In addition to the garden, Norrviken is a fantastic venue for concerts, theaters, fairs and exhibitions. It is also a unique spot for meetings or conferences, and can serve as an attractive wedding venue. Norrvikens Trädgårdar has been named the most beautiful park in Sweden, and the second most beautiful in all of Europe!

Here you will find more information about Norrvikens Trädgårdar.

Did you know...

that Norrvikens Trädgårdar has been named the most beautiful park in Sweden, and the second most beautiful in all of Europe.

More Attractions

Located in the middle of Bjäre in the village of Svenstad, Birgit Nilsson’s family farm is beautifully nestled among hills and pastures. It was here that La Nilsson grew up and worked on her family farm, all while she dreamed of a future in the world of song.

In the middle of Båstad you will Sweden’s only tennis museum. The museum offers a wide variety of content in a small area, featuring many famous. You can also book a tour.

From Torekov, it is just 3.5 miles to the slopes of Vallåsen. Here you can go skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. The resort and park has ten different slopes/runs, with the longest ride at about 1300 m.

When the snow settles, the area around Hålehall is perfect for cross-country skiing. Glide across the landscape and take in its beautiful views.

Enjoy sand beaches, pebble beaches or cliffs? Are you looking for an ice cream parlor, to do some crab fishing, a swimming pier or a tranquil lonely beach? Make a trip to Bjäre’s beaches and find your own hidden gem.

A constantly updated gallery, housed in a former mill building next to the church in Eastern Karup. The gallery has exhibitions from early May to the end of September. In addition to the main displays, there is a beautiful and lush sculpture garden.

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