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Conferences are so much more than ticking off meetings and activities. They’re about inspiring the right feeling in every employee, getting everyone on the same page. It’s an energy that stays with you and lasts long after your meeting. That feeling that everything is in the right place and you are working seamlessly together, that your team can take on the world.

Tell us a little about yourself and your goals, and we will set up activities and menus that kick the feeling in the right direction. The atmosphere, both inside and out, brings everyone and everything together.


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Helle Fromberg-Hammarström

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Conference Rooms

Room to meet in

We have everything from smaller rooms for discussions to larger conference rooms that accommodate 160 people. Here, too, their design follows nature’s lead with a light Scandinavian design and subdued sound environment. Of course, we are happy to provide you with all the technical and analogue equipment you might need. If you desire anything specific, it is our pleasure to arrange it.

Rent the entire hotel

Interested in having the entire hotel for yourself? No problem. 54 rooms and terraces are yours, as are all the conference rooms, along with the entire SPA area including baths, treatments and the relaxation area with panoramic views of both sky and the sea. If you are looking to do something special, we will help you arrange it. Of course, the staff will have eyes just for you. Royal, eh?


Good morning, wine lovers

Long day? Clear your head and bring the group together with a host of liberating activities indoors or out. Guided excursions, golf, hiking, outdoor training – whatever you desire, we have something fun. A must for wine lovers is the wine tasting with our charismatic and knowledgeable sommelier. A great addition for any evening.



Heard of Bjäre chickens? Viken tomatoes? Bjäre is famous for its fine ingredients and quality-conscious farmers. With great respect and much love, we prepare these ingredients and give you a great taste experience from the Skåne farmland.

Conference Dinner

garlic, chili, spinach

bok choi, shiitake, rhubarb

lemon, violets, brioche

Here you can book your stay. Please contact us by email or phone if someone in your party has special dietary restrictions so that your meals can be a nice experience.

Here you can book your stay. Please contact us by e-mail or phone if someone in your party has special dietary or disability needs, so we can make necessary arrangements prior to your arrival.

We always recommend booking reservations in advance, to ensure your visit will be as good as possible. Please tell us if someone in your group has a special diet or allergies so we can ensure that we will make something they can enjoy.

Fill in your name, contact details and company, and we will contact you as soon as possible (usually the same day).