Hiking and Cycling

Hiking and cycling on the Bjäre Peninsula

 Bjäre Peninsula offers an exceptionally beautiful and varied landscape that is still easily accessible. You can travel through beech forests, stunning gorges, and rolling agricultural landscapes. And that’s all in addition to the picturesque beaches and quaint little villages. No matter where you go, you will be met with unbeatable views that will astound and amaze all year round.

Hiking Trails

Our 5 best hiking trails around Torekov

Hallands Väderö (Halland Weather Island) is a beautiful area, situated just outside Torekov. The whole island is a nature reserve, and especially given its vastness is one of Sweden’s most beautiful places. Around the island there are several marked hiking trails that take you around forest landscapes, open countryside and along cliffs and sandy beaches. Be sure to visit the lighthouse and the Weather Museum. The harbor seals that dot the island are one of its most beautiful and famous features, so make sure to keep an eye out.
#01 on Båstad’s hiking map

Hovs Hallar is one of Bjäre Peninsula’s premier little nooks. You can see the dramatic meeting point of the Hallandsåsen and the sea, with steep jagged cliffs, cobblestone fields, and cave-like rock formations. There are a number of trails you can follow, both along the beach and higher up.
#02 on Båstad’s hiking map

5 km | 1.5 hours
The Grevie hillside is full of stone ridges that abound with exciting history. The views of the rolling countryside and Skälderviken are breathtaking. Large parts of these slopes are occupied by open farmland, but there are also smaller forested areas, covered fields and wetlands. A gorgeous and extraordinary experience are the thousands of protected Pasque flowers, whose blue violet color bathes the southern slopes during the last half of April.
#08 on Båstad’s hiking map

20 km | 6 h
A coastal hike where you pass several scenic marina and coastline communities between Torekov and Vejbystrand. Torekov is well known as a fishing village, and along the hike you will pass classic 19th-century buildings and fishing huts. As you walk southward along the Bjäre coast, you will cross beaches littered with ancient monuments. Dagshög is the largest of the nearly one thousand grave sites, with a diameter of 42 meters.
#13 on Båstad’s hiking map

24 km | 7 hours
This part of the Skåneleden hiking trail offers fantastic coastal walks in varied terrain between Båstad and Torekov. You’ll pass Norrviken’s Trädgårdar and Englandsdal nature reserve, which is full of pastoral animals. You’ll also see Knösen, the highest point on the Bjäre Peninsula. Another highlight is Hovs Hallar, a dramatic landscape where the Hallandsåsen meets the sea.
#16 on Båstad’s hiking map

On the Båstad Tourism hiking map, you will find an additional 13 suggestions on scenic hiking trails on the Bjäre Peninsula. It is available at the hotel, at the tourist information center, and online.

Cycling Paths

MTB med havsutsikt Hovs Hallar i Skåne

5 cycling routes from Torekov

UPPER TOREKOV (MTB, 7 km, medium difficulty)
Experience the best side of Torekov. You will cycle through Torekov harbor and the famous swimming pier, and you’ll be able to see the beautiful Hallands Väderö on the horizon. After the beach, you will reach the golf course before returning to the Torekov Hotel. An easy trip that won’t tire you out, but is still a good workout. The perfect trip if you want to experience Torekov quickly and easily. View on map

DAGSHÖG (MTB, 27 km, medium difficulty)
This beautiful trip takes you along the Skåneleden trail to the old quarry at Dagshög, where you will enjoy beautiful views of Skälderviken and Kullahalvön. The trip isn’t too difficult, but it does have some technical sections and uneven terrain. View on map

LILLA BJÄRERUNDAN (country road, 35 km, easy difficulty)
A shorter and easier version of the Bjärerundan, but still capturing the best of Bjäre Peninsula. You can skip the steep hill in Lya, you won’t be able to avoid the uphill in Kattvik. Definitely visit one of the bakeries Bakfickan in Båstad harbor, and have some waffles at Våffelstugan in Kattvik. View on map

BEECH FOREST IN BJÄRE (country road, 60 km, medium difficulty)
In addition to experiencing the beautiful scenery on Bjäre Peninsula, you will also travel through beautiful beech forests on the western side of Hallandsåsen. The long hill from Margretetorp up to the top of Hallandsåsen is a wonderful challenge. After that, you will be greeted with gorgeous views, and a well-deserved rest awaits your legs as you coast through the Sinarp valley. View on map

BJÄREKLASSIKERN (country road, 142 km, difficult)
This long trip has everything an amazing cycling trip could want: coastlines, flat runs, beech forests and steep slopes. The perfect trip for cycling clubs and those who like to cycle in groups. It is especially convenient because the roads are virtually free of cars and traffic. View on map

More bike tours can be found at Destination Bjäre and on the Båstad Tourism bicycle map, available at the hotel and at the tourist information center.

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