Kitchen sink


During lunchtime we offer Lunch of the Day and a Lounge menu.
Lunch of the Day includes sallad buffet, bread, coffee and homemade biscuits.
To our younger guests we offer Lunch of the Day for half price, as well as a separate kids’ menu.


À la carte


Local produce vegetables with ramson dip 65:-
Lightly salted Bjäre crisps with bleakroe, sour-cream, dill and onion 95:-


Burger, yuzukosho mayonnaise, crispy slaw, pommes frites /Vegetarian Portabello mushroom 195:-
Shrimp sandwich, soy egg, yuzu kosho mayonnaise, toasted sour dough bread 245:Bjäre Salad, local produced vegetables, Skottorps cheddar cheese, pickled red onion, herb dressing and panko. Your choice of local chicken shrimps 195.-


“Snowcrab”, shrimps, yuzukosho, radish, tapiocavinaigrette, salad, fried panko 199:-
Sake marinated Fröja Salmon, lumpfish roe, sour-cream, wasabi, peas, cress 190:-
Roast beef , pepper, nouc cham, vegetable crudité, smoked Mayonnaise, shiso 185:-
Beetroot ”Tartar” ponzu, cress, tapioca pearls, pine nuts and peas 159:-


Locally grown mushrooms and sunchokes croquettes, legumes, pickled onion and ramson bearnaise 265:-
Cod loin, Sandefjord sauce with yuzu, trout roe, chives, pine nuts, pak choi, potato from Bjäre 329:-
Chicken from Bjäre breast and crispy thigh, legumes, shiitake mushroom, creamed chicken jus 295:-
Grilled ”canola” pig, carrot, leek, ramson bearnaise, blackened red onion, deep fried potato 289:-


Raspberry and yuzu bavaroise, almond cake, coconut sorbet and deep fried rice paper 135:-
Chocolate brownie, star anise fudge, cream cheese foam, vanilla ice cream 135:-
Today’s ice-cream or sorbet 65:-
Chocolate truffle 35:-
Cheese selection marmalade, crisp bread 135:-




Cloudberry sorbet, Tamagoyaki, sake, fruit jelly, sesame crisp 135:-
Browned butter ice-cream, blueberries, crumb-cake, almonds, galliano 135:-
Chocolate cake, crispy buckwheat, chocolate cream, blackberries, coffee and salted caramel 135:-
Icecream of the evening 65:-
Chocolate truffles made with Valrhona chocolate 35:-
Cheese plate from Ebbesson’s dairy farm, hard bread and marmalade 135:-

Spa Supper

If you have booked a package with a 3 course dinner, you are welcome to choose a starter, a main course and a dessert from our à la carte menu.


Tartar, fermented garlic cream, chili pickled shiitake mushrooms, deep-fried beer-crisp , soya marinated egg yolk, daikon
Ginger and lime ”gravad” rainbow trout from Åland, egg royale with a hard cheese from Ebbessons, Asian styled pickled cucumber, horseradish foam
Fresh spring rolls, charred onions, kimchi mayonnaise, deep fried rice noodles


Deer silverside, chanterelles, parsnip purėe, ginger cooked pears, deep-fried brussels sprouts, port wine sauce with star anise
Ling, potato mousseline, beetroots, black salsify, browned-butter soya, dill vinaigrette, charred leek
Mushroom and pecorino croquette, Jerusalem artichoke and truffle cream, pickled Jerusalem artichoke, bouljong, pickled cabbage salad


Cloudberry sorbet, Tamagoyaki, sake, fruit jelly, sesame crisp
Browned butter ice-cream, blueberries, crumb-cake, almonds, galliano
Chocolate cake, crispy buckwheat, chocolate cream, blackberries, coffee and salted caramel
Chocolate truffles made with Valrhona chocolate
Cheese plate from Ebbesson’s dairy farm, hard bread and marmalade

Lounge menu

yuzu kosho dip, crispy slaw, pickled onions, french fries

yuzu kosho dip, crispy slaw, pickled onions, french fries

SHRIMP SANDWICH half SEK 175 / full SEK 225
soy egg mayonnaise, red onion, toasted sourdough bread

soy egg mayonnaise, red onion

crispy slaw, avocado, sweet soy dip, cilantro

Conference menus


parsley root mayonnaise, citrus broth, olive oil, cucumber, dill

buttered red wine sauce, small onions, carrot, potato puree seasoned with smoked pork belly and roasted garlic

caramel, vanilla ice cream, plum chips


local tomatoes, artichokes, hazelnuts, cold pressed canola oil

Piment d’Espelette, orange jus, duck croquette, pommes fondant, broccoli, puree of apples from Hallandsåsen

chocolate pastry, blackberry jelly and oxalis


mushroom emulsion, pickled mushroom, Almnäs tegel cheese, crispy parsnip, watercress

butter sauce, green chili oil, Brussel sprouts, yellow beet crudité

with condiments



Order a picnic package and take it on the trip! The food is prepared just before you go out and packed in a handy picnic backpack. You can also borrow a lovely blanket for the trip.

Lunch basket Summer SEK 225 / person (May – Sep)

Healthy chicken salad à la Bjäre with seasonal vegetables.
Water, homemade power bar, fruit, bread and brie cheese included.
This lunch basket is included in our hiking packages May 1 – September 30.

Lunch basket Winter SEK 225 / person (Oct – Apr)

Choose between pea soup (with meat) and hot pumpkin soup (vegan).
Fresh smoothie, power bar, fruit and freshly baked bread are included in the lunch basket.
This lunch basket is included in our hiking packages 1 October – 30 April.

Order your picnic by calling +46 431 47 16 53, via email or on site at the reception or Bistro. If you order by email, remember that the order is confirmed only when you have received a response back.


Our sommelier has carefully chosen wines from around the world. The right wine heightens the taste experience and we are happy to help you choose the most complementary one. We also have a number of organic and biodynamically-cultivated wines in our collection.

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In consultation with our spa therapists, you find the treatment that gives your skin renewed vigour and lustre.

Skin Specific Facial Treatment

A great, deep cleansing treatment that is adapted to your skin type.

You will get a thorough cleansing with steam and an exfoliating peeling. This is followed by a relaxing face and shoulder massage. The treatment is finished with a fabulous facial mask, a serum and a nourishing day cream.

Elemis Brilliant Face

An advanced treatment that boosts and builds up your skin.

Elemis uses the finest natural ingredients combined with the most innovative science to create nourishing formulations.
Begins with cleansing, exfoliation, deep cleaning, face, shoulder, and scalp massage followed by a rich rejuvenating facial mask. If desired, coloring of lashes and brows with eyebrow plucking. Finished with caring products.

Skin Fresh

Clean and fresh!

Refreshing treatment for all skin types and occasions. Your skin is cleaned and peeled, then you get a lovely mask and facial massage. Finish with a nice nourishing face cream.

Elemis Superfood Glow, 25 min

Give your skin new energy with nourishing superfoods. Cleansing, peeling, superfood-mask, and massage of your face and decolletage. Finishes with facial products that will give your skin a new luster.

Elemis’s products combine advanced science and natural ingredients, to give you a result that you can both see and feel.

Elemis Superfood Pro-Radiance, 50 min

Vitamin-rich facial treatment that gives your skin a boost, with deep-acting and essential trace elements from nourishing superfoods and barrier-strengthening prebiotics.
 Cleansing, peeling, double face masks for an extra boost, as well as massage of the face, scalp, hands, and arms. Finishes with facial products that will give your skin a healthy glow and luster.

Elemis products combine advanced science and natural ingredients, to give you a result that you can both see and feel.

Choose from treatments that provide energy, relaxation or antioxidants.

Body Scrub

Real sea salt exfoliation for the whole body

Recover the luster and become pleasantly soft with this wonerful body scrub. After a shower, the treatment ends with a nourishing body lotion that causes the skin to feel silky-smooth.



A lovely treatment from head to toe

Cleansing, peeling and a light massage on the face, hands and feet. Finishes with a lovely nutrient cream.
(During the treatment, you will be laying on your back.)

Elemis Exotic Salt Glow

An exotic exfoliationritual

Strengthens and revitalizes both body and mind. After a light body brushing, hot Frangipani oil is dropped over the entire body before applying the Salt Glow peel. While lying warm wrapped, the face is thoroughly cleansed. After the shower, the treatment ends with a soft application of Body Lotion and day cream.

Energy Cure

Full body scrub & relaxing massage

An energizing treatment that begins with a powerful body peeling to start the circulation. After a hot shower, treatment continues with a shorter back and neck massage.

Torekov Hotel Luxury

Treat yourself to the total relaxation

The ultimate body treatment with a lovely collection of spa products. The treatment begins with a refreshing body scrub followed by a moisturizing body wrap. While you  are wrapped up nicely, you will receive a specialty facial treatment that includes a deep-cleaning, exfoliation, revitalizing mask and soothing massage. The session concludes with a relaxing massage at the end.

Magnesium Wrap

A relaxing, anti-stress full body treatment.

After a scrub with luxurious salt crystals, magnesium oil is applied all over the body pressed in a clay wrap. While wrapped, you will receive a relaxing massage for your face and scalp. The treatment concludes with a soothing application of gentle body lotion. This treatment is great for stress, fatigue, muscle cramps, sleep troubles, or for people who exercise a lot.

Aroma Wrap

Enjoy a relaxing and refreshing treatment.

The treatment begins with a scrub of luxurious salt crystals and then we wrap your body in your choice of aromatic cream. While wrapped you will also receive a revitalizing facial treatment. The session ends with a relaxing massage.

Treat yourself with a pedicure an you will feel like a new person.

SPA Pedicure

A classic pedicure for healthy feet.

Begins with a warming footbath. Nails and cuticles are treated, callouses removed and feet filed. Ends with a great massage or varnish.


Cozy Feet

This cozy spa treatment is perfect to revitalize tired and dry feet. Start out with a lovely scrub and then enjoy a relaxing foot massage!

Massage softens your muscles and stimulates the production of beneficial hormones.

Raindrop Treatment

An effective healing treatment that counteracts stress and pain.

The treatment incorporates various oils with different balancing properties; these are dripped out softly onto your skin and then massaged gently under the feet and across the back and shoulders with a smooth, feather-light touch. The treatment concludes with a steaming warm towel and space to take a calming rest.

Relax Massage

Wonderfully relaxing massage that enhances circulation and helps you wind down.

Classic Full Body Massage

Foot and Leg massage

Classic Back and Neck Massage

Elemis Hot Mineral Body Boost

Relaxing, energizing massage

Elemis unique top-to-toe massage that gives new energy and brings your senses to life! A sweeping and very relaxing massage technique takes the treatment to a new level. This treatment stimulates each cell in the body and helps relieve muscle pain and detoxify the skin thanks to lovely fragrant oil and balm with algae and amber. A mineral charge that gives your mind peace and your body new energy!

It’s the details that give you a feeling of attractiveness and wellbeing.

Lash and brow colouring, incl. brow shaping

Shaping of brows


Waxing full legs and bikini 595 kr
Waxing half legs, armpit, bikini 395 kr
Waxing back 595 kr
Waxing upper lip and chin 395 kr
Waxing upper lip or chin 195 kr

Make Up

A professional makeover according to your wishes and desires to highlight your unique personal appearance. You will also receive various useful tips and other cosmetic advice from your therapist.

Feel free to attend the treatment without makeup.

We would like to start by congratulating you on your pregnancy!
How amazing to welcome a new little person into the world!

There is no scientific proof that massage isn´t healthy for you who is pregnant.
But to be on the safe side for you and you baby, we have selected some treatments that are more suitable for you.

We recommend:

Facial Treatments

We have many pleasant face treatments to choose from, all of which can be enjoyed while pregnant. Read on to find the treatment that’s right for you.

SPA Pedicure

A classic pedicure for healthy feet.

Begins with a warming footbath. Nails and cuticles are treated, callouses removed and feet filed. Ends with a great massage or varnish.



A lovely treatment from head to toe

Cleansing, peeling and a light massage on the face, hands and feet. Finishes with a lovely nutrient cream.
(During the treatment, you will be laying on your back.)

Cozy Feet

This cozy spa treatment is perfect to revitalize tired and dry feet. Start out with a lovely scrub and then enjoy a relaxing foot massage!

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VD Privatläkarna

Ulrika Swegmark

Tack för ett kanonarrangemang. Vi var nöjda med precis allting från start till mål. En av de bästa arrangemangen jag har haft kring konferenser och det ska ni ha en stor eloge för. Jag kommer definitivt rekommendera er för konferenser bland kollegor och bekanta.



”Very satisfied”

We were very satisfied with the service we received at Torekov Hotel and the adjustments made in this sensitive Corona time. We warmly recommend this hotel to anyone who is considering staying here. The feeling that you are in safe hands and that you are met with respect and consideration even with trickier accomodation requests.

Ia Hedenström
Modity, HR Chef


Magnacon Project Management

”Torekov Hotell lived up to our high standards”

Torekov Hotel really lived up to our high standards and we are very happy with our stay.


Rejmes Personvagnar AB

”A home away from home”

This hotel creates a strong feeling of ”a home away from home”. We look forward to going back.

Einar Gudmundsson


Njurförbundet Sydsverige

”Very good service and very good food”

We would like to thank you for very good service and food during our stay.

Ronny Ljung


Capio Närsjukvård AB

”Opportunity for reflection”

Since 2011, Capio Local Health Care has worked closely with Torekov Hotel. We have chosen to host our leadership training at Torekov. This hotel has given us the best conditions for our employees to be given the opportunity to focus fully on their skills training. Service, conference facilities, accommodation and favorable circumstances for reflection available at the hotel’s facilities as well as the fantastic surroundings have given us great added value.

We can highly recommend Torekov Hotel

Cecilia Friis
HR Manager Capio Närsjukvård AB



”Like coming to our second home”

For us, conferring at Torekov Hotel is like coming to our second home. We have had our courses at Torekov Hotel since 2006. The staff is caring, service-oriented and always makes sure that our needs are met. The rooms are welcoming and the conference room is perfect for intense meetings and conversations. Food is always important; here is healthy and good food that is made with a lot of love. In the nice outdoor environment close to the sea, you can clear your head and refuel energy.

At Torekov Hotel it is easy to destress, simply put.
// Thekla Schneede from the company Schneede



Safety measures

Due to the new Corona virus (COVID-19) we have enhanced the hotel’s cleaning and desinfection routines, we take extra safety measures and follow the guidelines and recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency.


What will you book? --->