School break with your teenager

Take your teen on a relaxing mini-vacation. Here you can alternate fantastic nature experiences along the sea with good food and relaxation at the spa. Discover the nature reserve by the coast, walk to Dagshög and walk in Torekov’s cozy village centre. At the hotel you can relax and socalize in a comfortable atmosphere.

about the package

This package includes

  • Afternoon coffee
  • A three-course menu in the Bistro
  • A wonderful night’s sleep in a double room
  • Buffet breakfast in the Bistro
  • Spa* access, including sauna, hot tub and Japanese outdoor pools
  • Indoor and outdoor gyms

*) During the most popular times, you will be allocated a spa time on site.


Autum break 2023
13–22 October
27 October–5 November


From SEK 1,795/person – 50% discount on package deals for teenagers (13–19 years)
Supplements for weekends

Upgrade to a superior room from SEK 300 per person/night.

BOOK FLEXIBLE. Choose one of our cancellation protections, and you can cancel at short notice.

Tips for activities

Amazing school break offer on treatments!

Skin fresh 25 min
Refreshing facial for all skin types and occasions. Your skin will be cleaned and peeled, followed by a wonderful face mask and face massage and then finished off with a lovely and nourishing face cream. 
SCHOOL BREAK OFFER: Monday – Sunday SEK 450 (regular price SEK 550). The discount only applies for the teenager.

Relax massage 25 min
An amazingly de-stressing and wonderful massage! Perfect for those who need to unwind and let the body recover. The massage both softens tired, aching muscles and increases circulation. SCHOOL BREAK OFFER: Monday – Sunday SEK 450 (regular price SEK 550). The discount only applies for the teenager.

Contact us and we will book you in! (These offers are subject to availability).

The great outdoors – walk a “quiz trail” in the nature reserve

Nothing is better for you than fresh air, nature and a bit of exercise. We spend too much time sitting down which can impact your health. We have made a traditional Swedish trivia quiz trail along our beautiful nature reserve so that you can enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience, fill your lungs with the fresh air from the sea breeze, solve our quiz together and last, but not least, spend a lovely time together without any interruptions (hint hint – leave your phone in your hotel room). Bring a take-away coffee from Bistron. Prizes to be won every day!



Bring your fitness wear for a training session in our gym. We have put together a 30 minutes circuit training program that you can do together in our gym (can be collected from the reception).

Borrow one of our board games and play in the hotel lounge or Bistron.

Go for a long walk along the sea – pure magic for your soul. And walk our quiz trail – lots of fun!

More things to do

More things to do during the school break

Paddle tennis

Torekov IK offers two paddle tennis courts for outdoor games. The courts are located at the Torevi arena, 500 m from the sea. Book a court at Matchi.


Several of the golf courses around the Bjäre peninsula are open all year round.

Ride Icelandic horses in stunning surroundings outside of Båstad.

You ride through forests, meadows and the countryside. There are plenty of trails to choose from! Suitable for both experienced riders as well as beginners. Read more on Båstad Islandshästars (Båstad Icelandic horses) website.

Hiking trails, climbing and mysterious caves

Would you like to try hunting without a license or harming any animals? Then you should try shooting in a hunting simulator. Bears, wild boars, birds – you name it. So much fun for the entire family, both for experienced shooters and those who have never even held a rifle before. In this simulator, you can also play golf at 25 prestigious golf courses, identical to the actual courses. Read more on Sönnerstorps Golfklubbs (Sönnertorp Golf club’s) website.  Läs mer på Sönnerstorps Golfklubbs hemsida

Vandringsleder, hike, klättring och mystiska grottor

Dagshög, Hovs Hallar, Sinarpsdalen as well as Nimis on the Kulla peninsula are all beautiful areas to visit if you love putting on your trekking boots and going hiking in the great outdoors for a couple of hours. The coast line along the Bjäre peninsula is dramatic and stunning, and can be quite challenging as well, depending on which trail you choose. You can walk the Skåne trail and numerous beaten paths that could take you to the sea or through a beautiful forest.

Ask us and we’ll tell you everything we know about these locations. You can also order a winter picnic basket from the hotel and eat outdoors.


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