Hiking Package

Hike across the Bjäre peninsula, a wonderful and exciting adventure surrounded by scenic seas on three sides. From Torekov Hotel you can walk along the sea for a brilliant view of Hallands Weather Island (Hallands Väderö) to the west and Kullaberg to the south. The Skåneleden trail is a beautiful hiking route that brings you by cozy fishing villages, majestic grazing meadows, playful seals, magical beechwood forests, rolling hills, rushing waterfalls, and dramatic gorges. Our hiking package includes a packed picnic lunch bag to take with you on your trek, along with access to our spa, a three-course dinner, and a wonderful night’s sleep once you return.

about the package

This package includes

  • A lunch basket according to season
  • Hiking map with tips on routes, places to see, and various experiences around the island
  • A loan of a picnic basket and blanket for you to use on your trip
  • An overnight stay in a double room
  • A three-course menu in the Bistro
  • Breakfast buffet in the Bistro
  • Access to the spa with sauna, hot tubs, and Japanese outdoor pools*
  • Access to both indoor and outdoor gyms
  • Yoga classes Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 (subject to change)

*) During the most popular times, you will be allocated a spa time on site.

Dates and pricing

The package is available year-round, except during New Year’s Eve.

From SEK 2,295 /person
Supplements for weekends, superior & single rooms

Packing tips

(bring these items with you to maximize your hiking experience)

  • Comfortable shoes
  • A backpack with room for swimwear (summer) and dry socks (autumn/winter)
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Bandages for sore feet
  • Clothing for all types of weather
  • If you plan to walk through the forest to Kappelhamn, we recommend bringing mosquito spray. The trail there is beautiful but sometimes can take you through mosquito-dense fens.

BOOK FLEXIBLE. Choose one of our cancellation protections, and you can cancel at short notice.

Hiking around Torekov

Flat terrain and close to the sea, full of rocky and dramatic features. Hikers have gladly returned to the Bjäre Peninsula year after year to enjoy its varied paths that offer both challenge or leisure, depending on the trail. Plus, of course, the endlessly beautiful nature with its myriad plants, animals, and scenery.

The Skåneleden trail offers some fantastic hiking routes, taking you around Torekov and the surrounding area. In just a few hours you’ll pass through tranquil forests, the unforgettable Hovs Hallar, as well as vast coastal stretches of fantasy-laden ancient monuments, full of stone and vegetation that have been consecrated by the timeless western wind.

You can also take a boat out to Hallands Väderö, a nearby island criss-crossed with beautiful and well-marked hiking trails. A hike to the spectacular lighthouse will take you through all sorts of scenic places: a majestic forest filled with centuries-old oaks and beech trees, lovely rice marshes that bend in the breeze, a relaxing bathing bay to swim and play, and even a seal area where you can watch them frolic. An absolute paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Pictures of the Bjäre Peninsula courtesy of Louise Nordström Pettersson and others


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