Conference activities

Spa and exercise

Mindfulness, spa treatment, or a great workout?

Fresh Concept Torekov
Fresh Concept is designed to elevate your conference a higher level. We know how scarce time is for many groups who attend conferences. There is a lot going on, and productivity is at its peak. Our Fresh-Pass is a great way to lift the spirits of any group, charging everyone’s batteries and giving everyone a second wind. The program enables anyone to participate, regardless of prior knowledge, level of fitness, or attire. Our skilled instructors take a relaxed and playful approach to guiding your group through the chosen activity. We take pride in our ability to tailor the program to your needs and wishes, as well – just let us know what you’re looking for. Minimum 8 persons / group.

Time 25-30 min. Price SEK 800 per group excl. VAT.

Calm or Speedy Exercise
Our activity leaders offer different types of group training, including Nordic walking (Stavgang), Pilates, different types of Yoga, Yoga intro, Abdomen/Butt/Thigh workouts and Zumba. We also have a fully equipped gym that you have free access to when you book a meeting package with overnight stay. Maximum 16-20 people / group depending on program.

Time 60 min. Price SEK 1,850 per instructor excl. VAT.

Body Measurement Check Me 
If there’s one thing in life you can’t just ignore, it’s taking care of your body! Check Me gives you the kick you need. A kick based on the most obvious of motivations: the truth about your body. With one fast and easy measurement, the InBody 720 body scanner tells you how you actually feel inside – muscle mass, fluid, fat and weight. With these results in hand, we can help you find ways to have a healthier life that suits your goals and lifestyle.

Time: About 20 min Price: SEK 396 per person excl. VAT

Spa Treatment
Choose from a classic back and neck massage, a beautiful body wrapping, or perhaps our Raindrop Therapy. We also offer skin care, manicures and pedicures.

Time: 25-80 min. Price: from SEK 360 excl. VAT.

Book Our Spa
Our spa department can be booked between 19.00-22.00.
Price: SEK 1,500 an hour excl. VAT.


Our tastings

Tastings take between 30 and 90 minutes. At least 8 people/group, max 30 persons/group.

Basic Wine Tasting
Taste five different grape varietals or some other interesting varietals and sense their nuanced differences. We also provide a guide on how to taste the drinks. The tasting lasts about 1 hour.

General fee of SEK 2,800 excl. VAT + SEK 300/person excl. VAT

Old World Wine Tasting
Here we taste 5 more special wines and also offer a guide on how to taste the drinks. The tasting lasts about 1 hour.

General fee of SEK 2,800 excl. VAT + SEK 400/person excl. VAT

Champagne Tastings
We taste 4 champagnes in different classes. The tasting lasts about 1 hour.

General fee of SEK 2,800 excl. VAT + SEK 500/person excl. VAT

Spirit Tastings
Here we taste four spirits, such as calvados, whiskey, cognac and grappa. We also have offer a guide on how to taste and smell the spirit. The tasting lasts about 1 hour.

General fee of SEK 2,800 excl. VAT + SEK 250/person excl. VAT

Beer Tasting
Here we taste various interesting beers. The tasting lasts about 1 hour.

General fee of SEK 2,800 excl. VAT + SEK 200/person excl. VAT

Chocolate Tasting
Just as interesting as a wine tasting. Here you will be introduced to several enjoyable flavours. Do different chocolates have different characteristics? Please note that it requires at least 10 people/group. The tasting lasts about 1 hour.

General fee of SEK 2,800 excl. VAT + SEK 250/person excl. VAT

Who Wants To Be a “Gastronaut”
Challenge your colleagues to taste testing, theoretical food knowledge, scent testing, etc. in the food world at nine different stations. The winning team becomes “Gastronauts” and wins the fine book “Skånska Matupplevelser” (in addition to the honour). We recommend this as an afternoon activity, starting at approximately 16.00–16.30. And you are welcome to add a glass of wine to the activity (for an additional price). The activity lasts about 1-1.5 hours and suits groups of 10-45 people.

SEK 250/person excl. VAT


117 Golf Holes Within 11 minutes

The golf courses on the Bjäre Peninsula are known the world over, all with different terrain features and unique environments. Feel free to hit a ball on our home golf course, with pro golfer Stefan Condé in the lead. Take a round with your colleagues or book a golf lesson for the whole gang. The only risk is that someone gets hooked…

Battle of the Chefs

Beat egg whites into skillful meringues, slice meat to the gram, and whip up a luxurious mayonnaise as fast you can! In the Battle of the Chefs, you’ll be tasked with various challenges. Compete against the clock and each other in a gauntlet of fun and thrilling activities! In each task, your knowledge of the art of cooking will be appraised by one of our judges. A mistake will cost you a 30-second penalty — and remember, only one team can come out on top. This is a truly exciting competition that tests your ability to work together in a group.

Registration fee of 2,500 SEK (excluding VAT) + 350 SEK per person (excluding VAT)

Minimum number of participants: 8
Maximum number of participants (for 1 conference room): 25 people
Maximum number of participants (for 2 conference rooms): 50 people

Find Cycling Paradise in Bjäre

There are several beautiful cycling paths to discover around Torekov. Bikes are available for rent, and we are happy to arrange delicious picnic baskets to take with you on your trip. If you have more than 10 people in your party, we can easily rent bikes from an external renter. Just let us know in advance and it will be our pleasure to help you.

Price SEK 80/person excl. VAT. Max 10 persons/group


Anyone for tennis?

Play out a serve or two on our two new tennis hard courts. If you’re looking to sharpen your game, we can also book a tennis instructor for you.

Price SEK 200 per hour.



Team building

Challenge each other!

We work closely with the the event company SpiritEvent, based here on Bjäre Peninsula. They are experts at designing events and activities according to the goals and requirements of your trip or meeting. Here are some suggestions for activities – but keep in mind that much more is possible. Become inspired and find their contact information at

In a nervous battle against the clock, Da Vinci’s Box challenges a team to open a safe before the time runs out. Every team has its own locked box, each of which contains five more locked boxes. In order to unlock them, teams will have to solve riddles and crack codes, all to get closer to their goal of finding the final code.
The only way to open the box is to think outside of it.


In this exciting and fun competition, you will have to work with each other in different physical and mental challenges. Here, your strengths and weaknesses will be thoroughly tested, undergoing everything from a tug of war to riddles and memory exercises. In the end, the finalists will face an exciting night duel to win the eponymous title of Supreme Champion (Bästa Mästare).
A competition where the participants are tested in, among other things, team spirit, stamina and strategy. We can adjust the physical level of the activities to fit the group.


At Shipyard Challenge, you are challenged to build and decorate a ship with only the materials you have been assigned. Combining teamwork and creativity, this challenge calls for participants to collaborate on ideas for design and construction to achieve the ultimate goal of creating a seafaring racer that can win the final race.


An entertaining exercise in group dynamics, in which creativity, communication and cooperation are the keys to success.
The team will build a water rocket that sends an egg 30 meters up in the air — but the challenge lies in that the egg must land unharmed. Participants will construct a functional rocket with limited materials, as well as building a device that protects the egg from breaking apart. We finish with a dramatic ending where the team’s designs are tested to show their true mettle.


Here you will get the opportunity to produce your very own music video. The videos will enter a competition during the evening’s gala. The group’s ability to plan, delegate and act is tested when they are assigned professional video equipment to create an unbeatable masterpiece.
Our experienced editors then cut the material together to form an impressive finale. The winner is declared after the awesome release party. The Music Video Challenge, something truly out of the ordinary!

Cosy, Social and Delicate!

This is a really pleasant evening. Together with our partners in Norrviken, you create your own dinner. A driver picks you up and transports you to different locations.

Great Cooking Evening
A coffee and sandwich upon your arrival, followed by a wine tasting, cooking, wine while you cook, dinner and a recipe folder. Drinks during the dinner are not included.

SEK 1,195/person excl. VAT. Starts at 17:00
Minimum 8 persons/group. Maximum 30 persons/group

Little Cooking Evening
Cooking, wine while cooking, dinner and a recipe folder. Drinks during the dinner are not included.

SEK 995/person excl. VAT. Starts at 18:00
Minimum 8 persons/group. Maximum 12 people/group


Nature Brings Goodness

Guided tours
Torekov is not only beautiful — the village has an exciting history as well. Our local guide Ingrid Persson Skoog shows you around on a historic walk. We also offer tours in other parts of the Bjäre Peninsula, such as Hovs Hallar.

Price from SEK 1,500/group excl. VAT. Time: 1 hour

Hallands Väderö (Halland’s Weather Island)
Hallands Väderö is a twenty minute boat trip from the harbor in Torekov. The island is a nature reserve and offers exciting and beautiful scenery, rich with plant and wildlife. You can often see seals on the western cliffs. It is easy to cross the island on foot and the clear water invites you for a swim. The island is nice to visit in all seasons but becomes a small paradise in the summer.

Price offered by quote.

Seal Safari
An experience you’ll remember for a long time – you will go out on a boat around Hallands Väderö, and if you are lucky you will see the seals in their natural environment. It concludes with a guided hike on Hallands Väderö, a Swedish natural treasure.

Price offered by quote.

Give Your Meeting A Kick

When you hire our conference moderator Anna Rydgren, you get her mental tools and energy that give your conference a shot in a new direction.

Anna is a mental coach, renowned lecturer and musical artist, and part of the MT group, run by Mia Törnblom. The MT Group educates managers and employees with an emphasis on the MT method – a mental strength training program.

With Anna as your conference moderator, the conference program takes on a whole new dimension that has a ripple effect on all of your activities. Anna Rydgren participated in the success story that was Mamma Mia. She likes to end her day with a feeling that only music can create, so please let her lead you into a Mamma Mia musical adventure.

For those who are curious about the MT method and want an introduction to leadership training, it is also possible to book Anna for full or half days.

Contact us for setup and pricing.

Fix The Mood

Our DJ plays new and old songs, classics and new favourites. If you want your evening to have a special theme, DJ Isak can provide. Do not hesitate to order snacks, sandwiches, midnight meals, or whatever else you are in the mood for.
Price offered by quote.

Here you can book your stay. Please contact us by email or phone if someone in your party has special dietary restrictions so that your meals can be a nice experience.

Here you can book your stay. Please contact us by e-mail or phone if someone in your party has special dietary or disability needs, so we can make necessary arrangements prior to your arrival.

We always recommend booking reservations in advance, to ensure your visit will be as good as possible. Please tell us if someone in your group has a special diet or allergies so we can ensure that we will make something they can enjoy.

Fill in your name, contact details and company, and we will contact you as soon as possible (usually the same day).